About Al Johnson's


Al Johnson’s is an authentic Swedish family owned restaurant where you can find goats grazing the sod roof. It's quite a sight, and it's made this place one of the most famous restaurants in Door County. Inside the casual, carpeted dining room, young ladies in Scandinavian garb dish out limpa bread and Swedish meatballs.

The menu consists of a variety of Swedish fare, from pancakes with lingonberries to Swedish meatballs, whitefish, sandwiches, salads, and a variety of hot and cold plates.



As you top the hill and head down the main street in Sister Bay, one can not help but get excited. For right in the middle of town, you will spot the goats on the roof at Al Johnson’s! This grassy roof and those goats have drawn tourists and locals alike. An icon for visitors for over 58 years, Al Johnson’s Swedish Restaurant has a rich history in this town and county!

Back in the early days, Al was “chief cook and bottle washer.” He did it all. Friends remember a time when he’d serve the breakfast, clean-up the kitchen, and then hang a “Gone Fishin’” sign on the door and head out for an afternoon break, before reopening for the dinner hour!

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Al Js Video Tour of Al Johnson's!

Take a tour of the famed Al Johnson's Swedish Restaurant, "the place with the goats on the roof." In-the-kitchen demonstrations of how the restaurant's delicious Swedish pancakes and Swedish meatballs are made, interviews with the owners, and a visit to the goats' winter quarters, a hay-filled barn that plays National Public Radio all day long, to make being a wintering goat less tedious! (16 min.)

Swedish Pancakes How to Make Swedish Pancakes!

Al Johnson's Swedish Restaurant has been gracefully cooking its delicious Swedish Pancakes for over 65 years. Rolf Johnson, son of founder Al Johnson, shows how it's done... (2:15 min.)

A Look at Al Johnson's Life