Sister Bay Fall Fest 2019

Why do Sister Bay Fall Fest attendees seem to gravitate to the 'big tent' at Stabbur at Al Johnson's? Let us count the ways: aforementioned big clear tent, forced-air space heaters for a toasty climate; retractable roof, great for inclement weather; amazing music schedule (see below); great food; and a terrific selection of brews (Three Sheeps, Hinterland, Central Waters, Spaten, Erdinger and more) plus our renowned craft cocktails, of course. See you soon!

Stabbur Fall Fest 2019 3


Friday 10/18 
3 pm-6 pm — Big Mouth Trio
6-10 pm — Big Mouth with the Power Tool Horns
9 am-5 pm — Go Bo! Cookie Sale 

Saturday 10/19 
9-11 am — Jerry Voelker & the Jolly Gents
11 am — Badgers/Illinois game on many large screen TV's in a heated covered tent. 
11 am-3 pm — The Cougars
3 pm-7 pm — The Modern Day Drifters
9 am-5 pm — Go Bo! Cooke Sale 

Sunday 10/20
9 am-5 pm — Go Bo! Cookie Sale 
12 pm — Packers game on multiple big screen TV displays in heated, covered tent

Stabbur Fall Fest 2019 2