Curbside Menu

Due to the COVID-19 virus, for the safety of our staff and customers, we will be closing our doors to seated dining after we close at 3pm today. To ensure we are still here to support those who need food, we will keep our kitchen open daily from 8am-2pm for takeout orders. We’ll be serving this limited menu (which I’ll include a photo of in the post) until we reopen again at a later date. To place your orders, please call us at 920-854-2626, ext 3. For safety, all orders must be paid over the phone via credit card, and we’ll bring your food straight out to your car when you arrive. We also have products like our Swedish pancake mix, jams, coffees, etc if you would like to add anything to your order so you have it at home.

We know things are a little scary right now, but it’s important we all take care of each other. We are here to support you through these trying times, and we wish you and your loved ones the best as we get through this together.

Al Johnsons Curbside Menu 2020